11 little months

I started my day off with tears in my eyes, as I remembered some of the things I missed about Kenley, from her blonde-white hair to her ten tiny toes, I miss everything about her. The way she would curl her little mouth in her cute little smile as I would put her hair up into a ponytail and she’d look at herself in the mirror, the way she would scrunch her little button nose and make noises, how she would spin around in her dresses and want to stay in her princess gowns all day long because she thought they were dresses, how she would make me play a certain part in her Barbie movie over and over again so she could dance, the way she would grab a wash rag out of my hand as I was cleaning and do it herself, how she would grab a broom out of my hands and begin to sweep while holding her balance, the way her little face looked after taking her to SEPHORA as she did her own little mini makeover, trying products on by herself, the way she would extend out her arms as she would sing “Leeee goooo” (Let it go) and press her Frozen doll, how she would say the sweet word “Mommy” or even sometimes “Mom,” those were the sweetest words, how she would say “Uhh he you” (I love you), the way she would open the fridge, thinking she was so big and try to grab the milk and point to her cup saying “Uhh ink, Uhh ink,” I miss her little baby voice so much!

As I’m thinking all of these things, I look up right at the clouds and they began to part, with the sun peaking through. Although she cannot physically speak to me, she speaks so me in daily messages. I find comfort in knowing that she is always near. I will continue to mother her while she keeps me safe as she is in heaven. For one day, I know we will be together again, in due time, Kenley Boo.


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