Heaven sent

A couple days ago, I shared a picture and screenshot texts from my best friend, Janice on both my Facebook and Instagram pages. Here is some of our conversation:

I wasn’t expecting the little girl to look identical to the back of Kenley Boo. Tears filled up my eyes immediately after she sent me the picture of the little girl, assuming she was holding her mommy’s hand. The little girl’s blonde-white hair mirrored Kenley’s. The thinness of the little baby hairs and how it curled so beautifully at the ends, even the length. Just like Kenley’s. The fairness of her skin, even her height, Kenley would have been that exact same height as the little girl in the picture:

I was so mesmerized by the little girl’s hair in the picture, I just couldn’t stop looking at that picture all day long. Her hair just stood out to me the most. What I didn’t notice until later that evening was something I surely know was heaven sent!!!

I continued to look at the picture and this time I noticed something that blew my mind. I noticed the bottom of her hot pink dress wasn’t sown together, the tulle at the bottom was poofy, like a little ballerina dress. I then noticed the straps and how they came in close together in the center of her back, instead of regular spaghetti straps. I set my phone down and grabbed the picture I had of Kenley and Aileah at The State Fair two years ago. I wanted a picture of the both of them, standing in front of the beautiful display of sunflowers with pops of vibrant purple flowers mixed in.

My sweet baby Kenley decided to turn around and instead of forgetting about the picture, I snapped her cute little butt anyways. I’m so glad I did, because it has always been one of my favorite pictures I have taken of the girls.

I mentioned “The Kenley Dress” in one of my previous blog posts, this is the dress that I’m talking about, the one Kenley is wearing in the picture. It is the same one that the lovely Christina used in the beautiful mural of Kenley that she freelance painted.

The significance of this dress, as sentimental as it is already, let’s me know that Kenley is speaking to me in many ways. The little girl in the hot pink dress from a couple days ago that Janice sent me the picture of is wearing the EXACT SAME DRESS that Kenley had on in that picture. The only difference in the dresses is the color.

I knew there had to be a reason why Kenley had turned her little back towards me that day, there had to be a reason why I snapped a photo of her while she was like that, there had to be a reason why Janice took a picture of the back of the little girl wearing the hot pink dress. Janice didn’t think anything of it, it never would have crossed her mind, especially since I hadn’t even noticed the similarity in the dresses until the day was almost over!

The connection between the two dresses, the strong resemblance of Kenley Boo and that little girl…


Nothing in life is EVER coincidental, never. I bought Kenley’s “Kenley dress” back in August 2016, close to the time we went to The State Fair. For that little girl in that picture to be wearing the EXACT SAME DRESS (just different colors) is no coincidence, that is slim to none, the chances of that happening.

There are too many connections for it not to be from heaven. I’ve always believed in God, always. Since losing Kenley, however, the connection I feel between heaven and earth is more powerful than it ever has been. Such an incredible feeling, I truly feel so very honored and gifted to feel that heavenly connection between God, my angel baby, and my great grandmother, Elouise. It is truly fascinating!

When my sweet Kenley was here on earth, I felt so safe. Although I am her mommy, it was a different connection that I have ever felt with anyone in my life. I felt protected, so whole and complete. Now that she is in heaven, watching over me like the precious angel she has always been, I feel the blanket of comfort and protection that she places all around me.

I know that if I had seen that little girl that Janice took a picture of and how much she resembled Kenley, I know I would have went up to the lady holding her hand (assuming it is her mother) and asked her if I could hug the little girl. I would share with her about my sweet Kenley, and hopefully she would have told me “Yes!”


Yesterday I received a phone call from Emily Longnecker from WTHR Channel 13 News, one of my local news stations. She explained to me there was a press conference about the state wide alert in Indiana about ticks being on the rise this year, even more so than the previous years. My heart was pounding in my chest as I agreed to let her interview me. Almost one year ago (June 4th) right after we lost Kenley, I remember doing those interviews all too well. I remember how I could barely speak as I’m being asked questions, so close to losing her, how hard it was to form a sentence and making it all make sense. With yesterday marking Kenley’s 11 month angel date, I absolutely could not turn down Emily’s request, there was just no way I could have said no. I had to do it for my sweet girl, to honor her memory, to raise more awareness about Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, the killer that took her sweet life away. I had to, because no parent deserves to join the club no mother or father wants to be in. It’s heartbreaking to know that there are so many people who are so unaware, still being misdiagnosed, and left untreated and for dead. It’s not fair, it’s not right, it’s beyond wrong and senseless is what it is.

I truly hope from the bottom of my heart that my message gets across the world, just like it did last year during those interviews, despite how tough it is for me to speak on. It’s definitely not easy. Making a difference in anyone and everyone’s life that I can is my ultimate goal.

In remembrance of my sweet, sweet angel baby, I will always keep sharing her story. I am honored that I am her Mommy and I will continue honoring her heavenly memory.

I miss you so incredibly much, my beautiful baby girl. I am so very proud of all of your work you continue to do up in heaven. Such a busy, busy baby girl. Mommy can hear you honey, with every message and every sign, I hear you loud and clear. I am so blessed that you’re my daughter, my perfect little angel. I love you so much, princess! I can’t wait to hold you in my arms again!!

Always & forever, for a lifetime I will love you in heaven and on earth

– Love Mommy


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