International Bereaved Mother’s Day

As I’m scrolling through my Instagram feed after posting my news interview I did with one of my local stations, WTHR-TV Channel 13, I noticed a similar pattern. I follow handfuls of angel mommy’s and as I continue scrolling through my feed, they’re all posting about “International Bereaved Mother’s Day.” I have never heard of such a thing, never knew that existed, for everyday I wake up is Bereaved Mother’s Day for me.

Although my sweet Kenley is up in heaven, she is very much alive here on earth, she makes that very well known. I will always mother my beautiful baby girl by being her voice of reason. By sharing her story with the world and continuing saving lives while honoring her precious memory at the same time.

I will honor my gorgeous girl until the day I die. I was lucky enough to be the chosen one from the greatest man, a gift from God, that I am forever thankful for.

I will shout her name from the mountains, to the canyons across the coast, through every valley and every stream, from sea to sea. I hope her story reaches every country in the world and continues to make a difference in the lives of others.

To my angel family, I want to thank you for the support, it is a family that no one wants to be in, no one should ever be in. The connection of the pain, the look in a bereaved mother’s eyes lets you know you are not alone when you make that eye contact or you read a post or reply from them. It is a pain that is unimaginable for anyone to even begin to think they can survive after a significant loss such as that.

To the people of my Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever and Lyme Community that I have gained, you mean the world to me. Although I may not speak to each of you all the time, or as often as I’d like to, know that you are never far from my mind. We are in this together. #fightthebite 💪🏼💚

I love you all so very much, my angel family, my RMSF/Lyme Family, along with the friends I’ve gained along the way, the ones who’ve turned their backs on me, you’re only making me stronger, the ones who continue to support and follow me, the ones that share my posts and blog, it means the world to me. I love you!


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