Love after loss ♥️

A woman that has been single for a long period of time knows exactly what she wants/doesn’t want when it comes to relationships. She’s the type of woman that doesn’t just date someone to pass the time up or because it’s something to do. She’s the type that’s been hurt, she’s seen and heard it all before & won’t settle for less than she deserves. She knows her worth and what she has to offer. Hell, she can bring a damn table to the table. This woman is strong and can handle her own, she doesn’t need a man to complete her, but wanting someone to walk alongside her through life as her “person,” is just a bonus to her extraordinary greatness.

So she waits, she doesn’t look, but she waits patiently until the love she’s always ever wanted finds her. When this day finally comes, she will know. She won’t have to second guess herself or ask herself where she stands in someone else’s life, she will simply know without hesitation. She will know without him even telling her with words. She will be able to tell with his actions and this will be the greatest love she will ever know.

Real love is given freely, “Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud.” Above all, anything else that fails, love conquers all. Until this woman finds this real love, she will sit back and observe everyone who enters her life, from all angels of the spectrum and focus her lense on the ones worth keeping.

One of the greatest things that I have ever been told is that, “Everyone that enters your life is either a lesson or a blessing.” That is very true with friends, family, and relationships from my experiences. Nothing is by chance or coincidence, those people come into your life for a reason. I don’t regret any failed relationship I’ve ever had, whether that’s with friends, family, or exes. I take a piece from each one and I learn from it.

I’ve learned a lot about life and a lot about love; both before and after losing my daughter over 3 years ago. It’s allowed me to love deeper and look at life completely different now that she is gone. The small things I used to stress over, I now know were only minor setbacks of greater things to come. I will no longer allow myself to stress over things that are out of my control.

I’ve fallen for sweet words, even though the majority of the times, actions didn’t measure up to par. You can write a book about how you feel about someone or how absolutely head over heals in love you are with them, but it your words don’t line up with your actions, you might as well burn that book, because those words won’t mean anything.

I’m at the point in my life now where everything has to be proven to me. I don’t trust words, only actions. Life’s too damn short to settle for mediocracy & less than you deserve. One day all of this will make sense and I will know exactly why it never worked out with anyone else besides the person I’m meant for. One day I will know that everything fell into place exactly the way it should have. Until then, I will sit back and wait patiently. I know one day the love that I truly deserve will find me. ♥️

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