Mother’s Day from Kenley Boo 💛

Yesterday after grocery shopping, there were other items that I still needed. My boyfriend and I were walking by the clothes section to take the shortcut back to the toiletry items. I noticed Walmart now has a Claire’s accessory section and it changed my walking pace a little slower as I gazed some of the jewelry hanging up on display. We continued to walk a little further, where I noticed a pair of ladies sleep joggers hanging up. I noticed the funshine bear was on the front of the joggers and then pulled them apart so I could see the other side. “Aww, funshine,” I said to my boyfriend with a big smile on my face. I was about to hang them back where I found them and before they reached the hook, I changed my mind and said, “No, I have to get these.” I hadn’t noticed when I first saw the joggers, the funshine bear on the tag, of all of the care bears they could’ve put on the tag, it was funshine on there. When I saw that, I pouted my bottom lip and said, “Aww, Walmart is trying to make me cry.” I didn’t cry though, instead I smiled at the thought of my Kenley Boo, like she was telling me, “Happy Mother’s Day Mommy,” like it was a present from her. 💛

Happy Mother’s Day!

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