Mother’s Day

These two pretty girls are the ones that turned me into a mommy. I miss their sweet sisterly bond so much. The way Kenley would look at Aileah with so much love, she adored her big sister & wanted to be just like her. I miss Kenley messing up Aileah’s toys, just to hear Aileah say, “Mommmm, Kenley’s messing up my stuff again!” Then she’d turn around and say, “Fine, Kenley, you can have it,” because she realized sharing wasn’t so bad after all. Sometimes the little bickers can tend to get on parents nerves from time to time, but what I’d give to hear it again. They’d always end up hugging it out in the end. I miss watching Kenley climb into Aileah’s lap for cuddles and kisses, it was so sweet to watch.

Mother’s Day is always a little bitter sweet when you have a child in heaven. Even though Kenley boo isn’t physically here, I will always be her mother. I will always remember the precious moments I was blessed to share with both of my girls together while Kenley was still living. The unmeasurable love I have for them was shown back to not only me, but also through the two of them towards one another as sisters and that is something I am truly proud of. 💛💛

Happy Mother’s Day to all of the beautiful mothers out there! 💗🤍💜

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